Hi, my name is

Lorenzo decaria

I'm an iOS Software Engineer

About me

I like to build apps and talk about it.

I’m specialized in Mobile Applications development and I like to build apps for any kind of environment. I produce exceptional high quality code using the most sophisticated design patterns, in order to make my applications fast, efficient and easily scalable.

I graduated in Italy at the Universit√† degli Studi di Pisa where I got a Software Engineering degree and an Automation Engineering Master’s degree with specialization in Robotics.

I started my career in 2006 creating real-time embedded applications right after graduation and moved to Mobile Development in early 2011. During these years I’ve been working for top notch companies where I was part of incredible teams who built innovating projects on a daily basis.¬†

My skills

Swift 95%
Objective-C 90%
C / C++ 90%
JavaScript 70%
HTML / CSS 60%
iOS / tvOS Development 95%
React / React Native 80%
NodeJS 70%
Express / Mongoose 70%
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